The Enable Cloud Platform is an end-to-end solution for generating, analyzing, and indexing high parameter biological data. This user manual aims to provide information about the capabilities of our platform and our analysis methods. Additionally, it covers information about Akoya’s CODEX technology and the advantages and challenges of analyzing multiplex image data.

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Getting Started

Key Terminology

Data Sharing on Enable Cloud Platform

Generating image data with Enable

The Enable Lab

Sample Preparation Guidelines

Sample Shipping Guidelines

Study Plan Template for Generating PhenoCycler Data

Importing your own image data

Import Image Data Checklist

Supported Assay Types

Importing TMA data

Scientific Resources

Analysis Guides

Enable Cloud Platform Tutorial

Standard Analysis Workflow

Analysis Workflow for Mid-plex (4-16 biomarker) Images

ROI-based Analysis

Technical Guides

Portal Methods

Imaging and Microscopy Primer

Introduction to Multiplex Imaging through the PhenoCycler System

Methods used in Insight reports

Portal User Manual


My Group’s Data

Atlas Library (Published Studies)


Analysis Toolkit

Data Manager

Group Manager


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